Technical parameters

Equipment use

Used for stranding copper aluminum stranding, steel core aluminum stranding or insulation core wire and stranding OPGW, etc.


Product features

1. It can switch back and forth.

2, can be synchronized to do the core of the hinge


Product advantage

1. Multiple specifications: the minimum diameter of wire disc is 250mm and the maximum diameter is 800mm. The minimum number of single stranded wire disc is 6 discs and the maximum is 36 discs.

2. Multi-form tension: hysteresis tension, mechanical tension, mechanical belt feedback tension, active pay-off, etc


Product upgrade and improvement

1. Developed a synchronous belt untwisting mechanism to reduce equipment noise and avoid cable pollution by gear grease;

2, advanced capstan keyway processing tooling, to ensure that the capstan installation of two supporting wire tray hole high concentricity;

3. The hole high in the capstan inspection center is added to facilitate the client to detect the support of the supporting wheel in real time, so as to facilitate the client to timely adjust the supporting wheel to prevent the spindle fatigue fracture caused by the sinking of the capstan.

4. Optimize the clamping mechanism of the wire disk frame, avoid the use of a large number of screws, and ensure that no screws fall off and damage other parts during operation