The machine is used for stranding the mulit-core of middle low voltage cables ,telephone cables ,control cables and mining cables. 

1 Back-twist stranding: Adopt gear back-twist, which ensure the reliable transmission, high rotating speed and low fault ratio.

 2 Selection of non back-twist: According to different production requirement, users can choose stranding with or without back-twist freely.

 3 Pre-twist function: When strand the sector wires; the machine has the individual bobbin pre-twist function. Both electric pre-twist and manual pre-twist are available.

 4 Electric bobbin clamping: Adopt electric clamping device to clamp or loosen bobbin, which is easy to operate.

 5 Advanced electric control system: Adopt AC motor with imported frequency conversion speed regulation. Adopt imported PLC to command and coordinate the whole line, which is convenient in operation and reliable in running.