The machine is used for stranding aluminum wires or copper wires .It also can make compacted round and sector conductors. 

5.1 High stranding speed: Adopt the newest frame structure stranding cage, a thick wall seamless steel tube main shaft, casting iron gearbox, transmission gear processed by grinding treatment, casting steel stranding drum, casting iron capstan. These designs highly increase the rigidness of stranding cage, the strength of transmission system, the cage rotating speed and the producing efficiency.

5.2 Synchronous stranding function: According to different stranding requirements, the cages with different bobbins can combine freely. Every cage can set with synchronous pipe to strand more wires, which realize the multifunction of one machine.

5.3 Single wire pre-former: Every cage is set with single wire pre-former which can make the cores stranded smoothly and compacte.

5.4 Convenience of overall auto loading: Adopt the newest side bottom auto loading device which is nice in appearance and convenient in maintenance. It also highly increases the efficiency of bobbin loading and unloading.

5.5 Excellent performance of separate motor transmission: Adopt separate motor transmission instead of traditional gearbox and ground shaft transmission, which simplifies the complicated mechanical system and decrease the maintenance difficulty, the energy consumption and the noise in work site. The separate motor transmission makes the pitch continuously adjustable, which is good for improving the manufacturing technology. Adopt imported PLC to command and coordinate the whole line and imported touch-screen to display and set the on line technical data. Adopt imported motor speed regulator which has reliable performance and high control accuracy.

5.6 Accurate synchronization of ground shaft transmission: Once the gear ratio of gearbox is set, the strict proportional relation between cage rotating speed and the haul-off speed is fixed and the stranding pitch would never change in the course of starting, running and stop of machine, which ensure the accurate synchronization of every cage and easy-operated electric control system.